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Biomedical Data Driven Solutions and Services

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We Support the following types of organizations

  • Pharma-Biotech-Medical Devices
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Clinical Research Consultants
  • Medical Affairs
  • Contract Manufacturing Organizations
  • Drug Delivery Companies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Investors & Investment Firms

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    Data Management

    • Database Development (Rave, Clindex, Clinical Studio)
    • SDTM Conversion
    • Develop Reports and Data Analysis


    • Who is competing in this market segment?
    • What type of drugs are used in the different trial?
    • What regions the trials are being conducted in?

    Clinical Trials

    • What is the global geographic distribution of trials?
    • How many clinical trials are ongoing, by phase?
    • Where are trials occurring by region?
    • What clinical trials happening by region?


    • Track your searches
    • Document your selections
    • Defend an audit - showing your documented searches.

    Adverse Events

    • Drug/Device Adverse Event Details.
    • Clinical Trial Safety Issue.

    Data Curation

    1. Biomedical data curation from PubMed, and other biomedical sources.
    2. Gene/disease association.
    3. Clinical data cleaning.

    Investigator & Site Recruitment

    1. Identify the most appropriate Investigators that are most suitables for my trial.
    2. Identify the most suitable sites for my trial.
    3. Search for Investigators & Sites by their Condition or Disease Type.
    4. Learn about the Investigator & Site experience.
    5. Reach out to sites and Investigators - allow them to bid on your trial.

    Literature Review

    1. Comprehensive literature review.
    2. Identify which literatures shall be used faster.

    Industry Insights

    1. Real-time analytics of showing the number of trials.
    2. Identify the number of literature, Investigators and Sites based on your search criteria
    3. Show the growth of clinical trials by region and much more...

    Drug & Device Details

    1. Detailed Drug and Device profiles.
    2. Manufactured Drug name and Trial Drug name relationship

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