Clinical Trials Post COVID-19

Clinical Trials Post COVID-19

Maintaining clinical trial momentum during COVID-19 is essential to deliver drugs that patients are waiting for.

Think of decentralized clinical trials and virtualizing operations in order to push forward and maintain patient compliance.

Clinical StudyPal, is a patient-centric platform of applications that blends web, email and mobile technologies to address today’s most critical clinical issues.

1. Real-time collaboration – provides a portal for real-time communication between your patients, their caregivers, investigators, and all study team members.

2. Remote monitoring – acquire clinical data from patient diaries, questionnaires, wearables, and other remote devices as well as schedule and execute TeleVisit direct video conferencing between your patients and their investigators.

3. Patient Recruitment & Consent – create a study website with social media identification of prospects, Pre-screening, and eConsent.