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Our Fast Track to Virtual Clinical Trials

virtual clinical trials
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Have you been impacted by COVID-19? If not, consider yourself one of the FEW lucky ones.

In February I received a call from one of our clients frantic about his patients not able to complete their visits due to COVID-19 impact, and patients are not able to visit their doctor to finish the visit. It was a major milestone they to report on.

24 hours later, I get a call from another client looking for a way to start a completely new clinical trial during COVID-19. A way to measure the COVID-19 impact on cancer patients.

What a co-incidence, right? Since then, our team has been working on ways to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials, and focusing on:

1. How do we keep existing clinical trial moving?

2. How do we save existing clinical trials at risk?

3. How can we help start new clinical trials?


My team and I quickly gathered, and initiated a set of discovery sessions of our past vs the future of where clinical trials are going. Our past has been more focused on collecting data from patients remotely, but COVID-19 made things a bit more exciting and challenged us further to quickly expand into our future, faster than we anticipated.

Within a couple of weeks, we worked hard on ways to keep our clients moving forward. It was intense, with so much dedication towards a better patient experience. 


         We did it!!! 


Our client that called us in February was able to complete their visits for all their patients, which helped them gain approval for their product shortly after. Here is what we did to help them get there:

  • Implemented a TeleVisit capability for patients and doctors to connect
  • Implemented secure messaging to allow for a robust remote collaboration between patients and sponsors 


To help support clients looking to start trials during the pandemic, and save ongoing trials from further delay, we wanted to create a complete virtual experience for sponsors, investigators and patients. So, we enriched our product with additional capabilities:

  • Virtually recruit patients
  • Designed a Study Website to help educate and engage patients
  • Allowed investigators to pre-qualify and automate patient enrollment through a set of questions and rules 
  • Randomize patients
  • Push electronic consent directly to the patients
  • Integrated TeleVisit to help connect patients with their doctors
  • Allowed for a way patients can remotely see their visit schedule and change it if need to
  • Collect patient reported outcomes and diaries directly to patients using SMS, mobile app and website
  • Integrate with EDC to collect patient medication information
  • Integrate with devices to empower remote patient monitoring
  • Allowed for a simpler way for sponsors and investigators to collaborate, and for patients and investigators to collaborate

If you have a question or just simply want to run something by us, feel free to engage with us. We are always happy to share our experience and provide feedback on your protocol.