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We provide solutions and services to accelerate clinical research.

Biomedical Research Platform | Clinical Trial Mobile Platform | Data Management & Programming services

Research & Development

Biomedical data across multiple sources, linking clinical to literature to genomic data, while identifying citations, providing full-text articles and more


Keeping track of your research is much easier with Perta, where users are able to document, comment and rank each publication.


Our platform can be used from any browser or device, which means your team can collaborate in real time, regardless of location.

Clinical Programming

Each of our programmers has over 10 years of industry experience using various solutions including Rave, Inform, Oracle Clinical and more.

App Development

Clinical trials have become more complex due to the amount of data. Use our StudyPal mobile platform to help your team get access to data faster.

Faster Discoveries

Data complexity makes it more difficult for researchers and scientists to access the most pertinent information. Use Perta to access the most clinical information.

About us

We are a team of scientists and programmers looking to make a different in the research world, by identifying ways for faster discoveries.

The amount of data silos that reside within clinical research is growing at an exponential rate, and the number of resources to use to identify faster discoveries is exploding. Therefore, we created Delve Health to help organizations harness public and private research data to identify better discoveries. We do this by using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence platform to link biomedical data across multiple sources.

Our developers have extensive knowledge to help provide quality output at a fraction of the cost. We are better, faster and cheaper than the alternative.

User Experiances


Artificial Intelligence


Clinical Discovery




Our Applications

We have developed two applications to accelerate research

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Investigator Profile

Find Investigators By Disease/Condition

Search Protocols

Clinical Trials

Gene/Disease Association


Search Documentation

Research with ranking

Visit Flow Chart

Mobile App


Mobile App

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Mobile App



Clinical Data


Data Sources


Investigator Profiles


Fast Support


Blog Posts

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Clinical Trial Meddev

mHealth to Manage Compliance and Effectiveness

The number of clinical trials is on the rise year over year. With growth, there is always the need to identify better ways to handle compliance and better secure processes. With such growth, we see a growth in compliance issues across multiple factors, including protocol design, patients following their medication intake regimen and continous remote monitoring.
Clinical Trial Meddev

from Research to Investigator Recruitment to Study Startup

Clinical data is fragmented across a web of sources making it challenging to form comprehensive fact-finding. Therefore, we started developing novel ways to answer research questions and help pre-qualify Investigators that are better suitable for your research. On January 20th, we launched ...
NLP in clinical research

Using NLP in clinical research

Natural language processing is a form of artificial intelligence, allowing computers to derive meaning from human input based on machine learning and implementing specific rules. NLP comes in different forms...

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