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The Calendar Reads January 2022, but it Still Feels Like March 2020: How Do We Move Forward?

Delve Health wishes everyone a Happy New Year, as it is customary to do. A new year, ushers in new hopes and a sense

Privacy Concerns Surrounding Real-World Data

The Food and Drug Administration has officially taken the position that real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) are playing a larger role in

Four Issues Affecting Clinical Research Teams Today

1 | Wearable Integration Remote patient monitoring is a key component within clinical research and where the probable impact of wearable integration will be the
wearables in clinical trials

Are Wearables the Future of Clinical Research?

“Wearables” (i.e., Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.) are a technology that is relatively new to the clinical research enterprise. These devices hold untapped potential regarding

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