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Case Studies

Medical Device Company Monitoring Patients with Heart Disease

Solutions Used: Apple Watch Series 6, Clinical StudyPal ePRO and eConsent

Client was interested in patient concierge services to purchase and configure all the smart watches, as well as simplify the solution to remotely monitor patient heart rates and motion activities.

Delve Health uploaded Clinical StudyPal app onto 200 Apple watches and deployed the wearable devices to participating patients across the US.

Investigative sites utilized Delve Health’s eConsent solution to remotely eConsent patients into the study.

Patients wore the Apple watches for a period of one (1) year and received ePRO questions via the wearable device.

Client used Delve Health’s data collection solution to analyze the patient data from the Apple watch and ePROs.

Pharma Company Oncology Clinical Trial

Solutions Used: Randomization, eConsent and ePRO

Client was interested in integrating simplified workflow solutions to quickly randomize, eConsent and collect patient reported outcomes remotely from patients.

Delve Health configured their IWRS solution; uploaded all patient eConsent multi-media information; as well as setup ePRO for patients in multiple, international locations.

Investigators randomized patients into Clinical StudyPal. After randomization, patients received an SMS message to download the app and eConsent into the study.

Patients had the option to login to Clinical StudyPal on a computer or download a smartphone app (iOS or Android) to eConsent and respond to their eDiaries. Patients were notified of their eDiary requirements and activities via SMS.

Client utilized Clinical StudyPal to remotely monitor patient progress and manage their compliance.

Medical Device Company Monitor Hypertension

Solutions Used: Blood Pressure Device, Clinical StudyPal ePRO and eConsent

Client was interested in a solution to remotely monitor patients’ hypertension at home. 

Delve Health integrated our technology solution with the blood pressure monitor and managed the activation of the blood pressure monitors across the US and EU. We also utilized our ePRO solution to collect patient reported outcomes via their smart phones.

Patients received SMS or WhatsApp messages for ePRO notifications, based on their geographical locations.

Delve Health collected and analyzed patient data from the blood pressure monitors.

Client utilized Delve Health’s technology solutions to collect and analyze patient outcomes.

Pharma Company Diabetic Patients

Solutions Used: Clinical StudyPal ePRO, eConsent and Video Visits

Client was interested in monitoring the dietary habits of patients with diabetes. Utilizing a diet app to remotely monitor patient food intake and their time of medication.

Delve Health configured the diet app, integrating our ePRO solution, to allow patients to log their breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner; as well as allow entries of the times of medication intake.

Patients interacted with the seamless app to enter their meals and their medication times.

Delve Health configured a select set of reports to remotely monitor patient logs and ePROs to ensure and “nudge” compliance.

Client utilized Clinical StudyPal to remotely monitor patient compliance and create queries for sites.

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