What are Wearable Devices?

Wearable devices in clinical trials and digital health can provide patient monitoring, surveillance, screening, diagnosis and assistance with treatment, post-treatment and on-going management. These devices also determine, and confirm, efficiency of treatment based on real-time physiological feedback.

The use of wearables in clinical trials

Improving Clinical Trials Through Wearables

The widespread adoption of wearable technology, both in our personal and professional lives, means the healthcare and clinical research industries can benefit from a product that is already “mainstream”—increasing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in software solutions for wearables and remote biosensors.

This has led to clinical sites’ investigation of and subsequent implementation of wearable technology in clinical trials. Currently, about 10% to 15% of trials are incorporating wearable devices, primarily to collect data as exploratory endpoints (PharmaVoice); and, according to research by Berg Insights, the number of remotely monitored patients is expected to reach 50.2 million by this year.

Explore the Endless Possibilities
of Our Wearable Devices

Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables

Unparalleled Data

Our innovative, device-agnostic, end-to-end platform seamlessly integrates virtually any wearable or connectable device and/or biosensor into patients’ daily lives, passively capturing a wealth of valuable data with minimal disruption. From heart rate (HR) and sleep patterns to activity levels and vital signs, our technology solutions leverage many FDA approved devices to provide a comprehensive picture of patients’ health—enabling researchers and healthcare providers to make informed decisions and drive meaningful outcomes.


We prioritize patient engagement and comfort throughout the clinical trial process. Our platform, Clinical StudyPal, which has been developed over seven (7) years, is designed to be intuitive, engaging, non-intrusive and easy to use in order to reduce patients’ burden. Our digital, agnostic solutions allow patients to simply wear the device of your clinical trial’s choice, without sacrificing their daily routines, ensuring a higher compliance rate while simultaneously generating more reliable, actionable data.

Our technology platform also provides diverse and underrepresented patient populations access to quality healthcare and clinical trials—closing the inequality gap created by social determinants of health (SDOH)—removing barriers and increasing access to all patients worldwide.

Patient reported outcomes
Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables

Raw Data Capture (RDC)

We understand the importance of raw data in clinical trials. Our configurable platform captures and stores raw data, providing researchers with a wealth of detailed information for in-depth analysis. This raw data capture allows for a comprehensive understanding of patients’ physiological parameters and behaviors, enabling researchers to utilize and develop their own algorithms against the raw data collected. This benefit supports researchers’ efforts and provides them with the opportunity to uncover hidden patterns and correlations. With access to unfiltered data, you can extract valuable insights, drive scientific breakthroughs and make data-driven decisions with confidence. By embracing raw data capture, Delve Health empowers you to explore the full potential of wearable devices in clinical trials, all from within a powerful, single analytical application—driving ease of use, better full data sets, quicker results, better outcomes and ultimately safely speeding-up the timelines to offering medications and therapies in the marketplace for patients.

Real-Time Monitoring

With real-world data (RWD) in real-time streaming, Clinical StudyPal empowers researchers to monitor patients’ progress remotely. This eliminates the need for frequent site visits and enables prompt interventions when necessary. By closely tracking patients’ health parameters, we optimize trial outcomes and enhance patient safety.

Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables
Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables

Seamless Integration

Integrating with existing clinical trial platforms is effortless with Delve Health’s solution. Our wearable devices seamlessly synchronize with your preferred data management systems, ensuring streamlined workflow. We provide secure, encrypted data transmission, protecting patient privacy, as we are HIPPA, GDPR, and CFRpart11 compliant, while facilitating efficient data analysis.

Empowering Research Insights

Our comprehensive analytics platform empowers researchers with actionable insights derived from wearable device data. Unlock the potential of big data and harness it to uncover patterns, correlations and predictive markers. By combining clinical expertise with advanced analytics, we help you make groundbreaking discoveries and push the boundaries of medical knowledge.
Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables
Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables

Enhanced Trial Efficiency

By leveraging wearable devices and biosensors in clinical trials, Delve Health significantly improves trial efficiency. Our innovative technology reduces data collection time, minimizes errors and accelerates the analysis process. Researchers gain deeper insights faster, enabling quicker decision-making and facilitating the development of life-changing therapies.

Clinical Trials Virtually Limitless Research | Delve Health|Wearables

Are You Looking to Transform the Way Clinical Research is Conducted?

At Delve Health, we harness the power of wearable devices to gather real-time data, improve patient engagement and enhance the overall efficiency of clinical trials. With our innovative solutions, we’re shaping the future of healthcare and empowering researchers, sponsors and patients alike.
Wearable devices are increasingly being used to improve the overall patient experience (e.g., patient recruitment, retention, and participation). Solutions like Delve Health’s Clinical StudyPal allow health data to be collected remotely and analyzed at-scale—which, in the long-term, may revolutionize the patient experience within clinical studies.
The use of wearable devices in clinical trials means patients can participate in a study without the additional stress and costs associated with traveling or the potentially invasive experience of on-site testing.

Delve Health’s hybrid model of BYOD and fully-configured, agnostic devices has enabled patients, clinicians and caregivers to report outcomes for more granular endpoint data—utilizing more sensitive measures than traditional clinical scales; our wearables program makes it easier for your team to conduct extended remote studies and easier for patients to engage.

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