Clinical Trials Day

May 20, 2022Today is Clinical Trials Day. A day to recognize and raise awareness as to why clinical trials are so important to all humankind. Every clinical trial is an opportunity to save more lives. Every day.

Today is a day where we remember why we are here—why we started Delve Health in the first place. Today is a day where we remind ourselves of our mission and reaffirm to ourselves and our clients that we are doing everything in our power to live up to it, with total conviction and unwavering commitment.

Today is the day I am reminded that a clinical trial once saved my friend’s life! His journey affected our lives so much, they led us to start-up Delve Health.

Our story began 25 years ago with, “you have three weeks to live…,” but none of us would accept that, least of all him. After countless hours of research and phone calls and doctors visits and conversations with other people kind enough to share their advice, he found a clinical trial he was a perfect candidate for. The road was full of challenges and detours and set-backs. In the end though, after the clinical trial was completed, his story ended with him beating #cancer.

Let your family, friends, and friends-of-friends understand that clinical trials are saving lives—every day—all over the globe. It is important for humanity to understand that for many of our fellow citizens of the world, a #clinicaltrial is their only hope to beating whatever disease or condition ails them.

If you have a family member or friend in need of some place to start to make sense of their new reality, check out It is a fantastic resource to see what clinical studies are currently being conducted, which trials are upcoming, and where those trials are being offered. Taking these initial steps just might save someone’s life!

According to the WHO’s Global Health Estimates, “the number of years of life lost (YLL) per 100,000 population declined by 29% between 2000 and 2016 …” and we can logically conclude that reasons for that level of decline has to do with access to quality medical care, access to the pharmaceuticals needed, and access to clinical trials.


Today is the day we’re reminded why Delve Health is different. Yes, because we’re committed to our mission, but mostly because for us, it is deeply personal.

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