Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: Delve Health Harnesses the Power of Apple Watch for Seamless Data Collection

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical research, the integration of wearables has emerged as a game-changer, offering a more efficient and patient-friendly approach to data collection. Delve Health, a trailblazer in this space, is spearheading innovative solutions by utilizing the Apple Watch for clinical trials. This blog explores how Delve Health is revolutionizing the industry by leveraging the capabilities of Apple Watch, enabling cellular connectivity and gathering a wealth of digital endpoints through a single app.

The Rise of Wearables in Clinical Research:

Clinical trials are traditionally laden with challenges, from patient compliance to data accuracy. Wearables, particularly the Apple Watch, present a paradigm shift in addressing these challenges. With its sophisticated sensors and seamless integration into daily life, wearables have the potential to enhance patient engagement and streamline data collection.

Delve Health’s Innovative Approach:

Delve Health stands out in the realm of clinical trials by adopting an Apple Watch-centric strategy. Unlike traditional methods that require multiple devices or constant smartphone connectivity, Delve Health utilizes a single app uploaded onto the Apple Watch, providing a cellular-enabled solution. This approach eliminates the need for additional devices, offering unparalleled convenience for both researchers and participants.

Unleashing the Power of Cellular Connectivity:

The integration of cellular connectivity is a key highlight of Delve Health’s approach. This means that participants can contribute valuable data without being tethered to a phone or any other external device. The result is a more natural and unobtrusive data collection process, enhancing the overall participant experience.

The Singular App:

Delve Health’s dedicated app for the Apple Watch serves as a central hub for data gathering. This single app streamlines the process, ensuring that participants can effortlessly contribute to the study without the need for complex setups. The user-friendly interface enhances compliance and encourages active participation throughout the trial.

Gathering Over 20 Digital Endpoints:

The Delve Health Apple Watch app goes beyond basic data collection. With a focus on comprehensive endpoints, the app gathers a diverse range of digital data, providing researchers with a holistic view of participants’ health and behaviors. From vital signs to activity levels, the Apple Watch becomes a powerful tool for collecting nuanced and meaningful data points.

Benefits for Clinical Trial Participants:

One of the primary advantages of Delve Health’s approach is the enhanced experience for trial participants. The convenience of a cellular-enabled Apple Watch and a singular app simplifies their involvement, fostering higher engagement and adherence to study protocols.


Delve Health’s groundbreaking use of the Apple Watch in clinical trials marks a significant step forward in the integration of wearables into healthcare research. By leveraging the device’s capabilities and eliminating the need for additional gadgets, Delve Health is paving the way for more efficient, participant-friendly, and data-rich clinical trials. As the industry continues to embrace innovation, the marriage of wearables and clinical research stands as a beacon of progress, with Delve Health leading the charge.

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