Delve Health Wearable Integrations

At Delve Health, we bring you the power of choice and comprehensive health tracking by integrating with an array of FDA-approved and consumer wearables. Discover how each device can contribute to a fuller picture of your health.

PKG – Parkinson’s Disease Management

  • Good For: Parkinson’s-specific monitoring
  • Data Points: Motor symptoms, movement patterns
  • FDA Approval: Yes, for use in clinical trials

Withings – Complete Health Tracking

  • Good For: Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring
  • Data Points: Heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), activity, sleep
  • FDA Approval: Selected devices FDA-cleared for BP monitoring

Apple Watch – Smart Health at a Glance

  • Good For: General wellness and fitness tracking
  • Data Points: Heart rate, ECG, oxygen saturation, activity levels
  • FDA Approval: Yes, for ECG and irregular heart rhythm notifications

Fitbit – Everyday Fitness & Sleep

  • Good For: Activity, exercise, and sleep tracking
  • Data Points: Steps, sleep quality, heart rate, stress management
  • FDA Approval: Some devices have FDA clearance

Oura – Sleep and Recovery Optimization

  • Good For: Detailed sleep analysis and readiness assessment
  • Data Points: Sleep stages, heart rate variability (HRV), body temperature
  • FDA Approval: Not FDA-approved; wellness and fitness device

Garmin – Precision Fitness Tracking

  • Good For: Fitness enthusiasts and outdoor activity tracking
  • Data Points: GPS tracking, heart rate, VO2 max, stress score
  • FDA Approval: Not FDA-approved; fitness-focused device

Kardia by AliveCor – Advanced EKG Monitoring

  • Good For: EKG monitoring and QT measurement
  • Data Points: Single and six-lead EKG, atrial fibrillation detection
  • FDA Approval: Yes, FDA-cleared for detecting AFib, bradycardia, and tachycardia

Wellysis – Continuous Cardio Monitoring

  • Good For: Real-time EKG and heart monitoring
  • Data Points: Continuous EKG, heart rate
  • FDA Approval: Yes, for medical use

Pulse Oximeter – Essential Vital Sign Monitoring

  • Good For: Monitoring blood oxygen levels
  • Data Points: Oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate
  • FDA Approval: Yes, widely used in medical settings for patient monitoring

Circul+ – Innovative Ring-Based Monitoring

  • Good For: Discreet and continuous health monitoring
  • Data Points: Heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, activity
  • FDA Approval: Not specified; typically considered a wellness device

Sensomics – Sensory and Behavioral Tracking

  • Good For: Capturing physiological responses to stimuli
  • Data Points: Varies based on specific sensors; can include biometric and environmental data
  • FDA Approval: Not specified; may vary based on application

Dexcom – Continuous Glucose Monitoring

  • Good For: Diabetes management
  • Data Points: Continuous glucose levels
  • FDA Approval: Yes, for diabetes management and monitoring

Actigraph – Activity and Sleep Device

  • Good For: Sleep studies, Physical Activity, Obesity and Weight management, Chronic disease management, Aging and Psychiatry and Mental Health. 
  • Data Points: Physical activity, Heart Rate, Sleep
  • FDA Approval: Yes, for diabetes management and monitoring

Why Delve Health?

With Delve Health, you can effortlessly integrate data from these diverse devices into a single, cohesive health management platform. Whether you are a patient, a healthcare provider, or a clinical researcher, our platform ensures you have the insights you need to make informed health decisions.

  • Unified Health Data: Access all your health metrics in one place for a unified view of your wellness.
  • Actionable Insights: Use the collected data to inform your health choices and lifestyle changes.
  • Compliance and Security: Benefit from a platform that respects and complies with FDA regulations and prioritizes your data security.

Ready to Integrate Your Device with Delve Health?

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