What Are Patient Concierge Services?

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A patient concierge serves as a single point of contact that proactively helps patients navigate the complexity of clinical trials; while providing support for comprehension, participation logistics, and technologies. Delve Health’s patient concierge services were specifically designed to increase patient engagement and retention; and decrease sites’ administrative responsibilities by automating many everyday tasks. Using the concierge services feature within the Clinical StudyPal solution can lead to expedited trial timelines; enhanced site and sponsor relationships; and potentially lower trial costs. In the broadest sense, a patient concierge can do almost anything non-clinical for patients, covering issues and questions that fall outside the scope of a clinical research professionals’ duties. Specific services that Clinical StudyPal’s patient concierge services include are:
  • Appointment reminders and follow-ups
  • Patient retention services (ex: in-home care requests, remote patient monitoring, etc.)
  • Important clinical study information
  • Web-based app or wearable device training and support
  • Medication schedule reminders
  • eDiary entry reminders
  • Site and trial experience feedback

Benefits of Patient Concierge Services

Delve Health’s patient concierge services have the potential to increase patient satisfaction, streamline patient flow, elevate clinical efficacy, and decrease clinician burnout—increasing patient compliance, patient retention, and the overall patient experience within a clinical trial. Our Clinical StudyPal platform provides everything you need to intelligently connect higher quality, real-world data (RWD); obtain analytics; and operate with the expertise to help your site solve challenges; and develop more diverse, patient-centric clinical trials. Patient concierge services are even valuable, if not necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a large number of patients utilizing tele-health visits to stay safe at home, they need help to ensure their data is being properly captured and saved. Clinical study sites and healthcare at-large are more quickly exploring, integrating, and utilizing platforms and solutions that give them options to continue trial operations. Whether a site or sponsor chooses virtual trials, a hybrid model, or a fully decentralized clinical trial design, the Clinical StudyPal can help keep patients engaged and ensure patient compliance. Learn more about Delve Health’s Clinical StudyPal’s solution and strategically driven tactics made to reach your clinical trial goals. Schedule a meeting

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