Enhancing Oncology Clinical Trials with Delve Health: A Blend of Innovation and Care

In the realm of oncology clinical trials, the journey towards innovative treatments is complex and multifaceted. Delve Health stands at the forefront of this journey, revolutionizing the way clinical trials are conducted through a unique blend of technology and patient-centric approaches. Our comprehensive platform not only supports the critical aspects of clinical trials such as randomization, patient-reported outcomes (PROs), and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) but also emphasizes patient engagement, wearable technology integration, and caregiver involvement. This blog explores how Delve Health is transforming oncology clinical trials, illustrated through three brief case studies.

1. Maximizing Patient Engagement and Compliance in Lung Cancer Study

Challenge: A Phase II lung cancer study faced challenges in maintaining patient engagement and compliance, critical for the trial’s success.

Solution: Delve Health implemented a tailored patient engagement strategy, utilizing our Clinical StudyPal platform to facilitate seamless communication between patients and trial coordinators. Patients received regular reminders and motivational messages through SMS and the app, ensuring medication adherence and appointment schedules were maintained. Wearables were provided to monitor health metrics in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments to treatment plans based on the collected data.

Outcome: The study observed a significant increase in patient compliance rates, with over 95% of participants consistently adhering to their medication schedules and reporting their outcomes on time. The real-time data collection via wearables led to faster, data-driven decision-making, accelerating the trial’s progress.

2. Enhancing Data Quality in Breast Cancer Research Through EDC

Challenge: A large-scale breast cancer trial struggled with data inconsistencies and delays in data entry, affecting overall data quality and study timelines.

Solution: By integrating Delve Health鈥檚 EDC system into the clinical trial process, researchers were empowered to capture and store patient data efficiently and securely. The system鈥檚 intuitive design simplified data entry for clinicians, while built-in validation checks minimized errors.

Outcome: The adoption of Delve Health鈥檚 EDC system streamlined data management processes, resulting in high-quality data collection and a 30% reduction in data entry time. This efficiency not only improved the trial鈥檚 operational workflow but also enabled quicker interim analyses and decision-making.

3. Improving Quality of Life in Melanoma Trials with PROs and Caregiver Support

Challenge: A Phase III melanoma trial needed to accurately measure the impact of experimental treatments on patients’ quality of life, incorporating both patient-reported outcomes and caregiver insights.

Solution: Delve Health鈥檚 platform was utilized to capture comprehensive PROs directly from patients and feedback from caregivers through easy-to-use mobile and web applications. This approach ensured a holistic view of the treatment’s effects on patients’ daily lives and well-being.

Outcome: The inclusion of PROs and caregiver insights provided valuable context to clinical data, revealing nuanced effects of the treatments on patients’ quality of life. This depth of understanding facilitated more patient-centric conclusions, influencing future trial designs and treatment protocols.


Delve Health鈥檚 innovative approach to oncology clinical trials exemplifies the power of technology to improve patient engagement, streamline data collection, and enhance the overall trial experience for patients and researchers alike. By prioritizing patient-centric strategies, integrating wearable technology, and leveraging advanced data management systems, we are setting new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and care in the pursuit of groundbreaking cancer treatments. Through these case studies, it’s clear that the future of oncology research is bright, with Delve Health leading the way.

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