Delve Health Provides the Technology Platform to Design Clinical Trials to Fit a Patient’s Lifestyle

—Not the Other Way Around
A significant number of companies announced delays and cancellations to planned and on-going clinical trials because of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures. There was a peak of 1,265 trials paused or indefinitely delayed in June 2020—impacting nearly 1,000 companies. Disruptions included delayed initiation or complete withdrawal of planned trials, as well as suspended enrollment or cancellation of on-going trials. The number of disrupted trials has been falling slowly since June 2020, with most current disruptions due to other factors, such as slow enrollment.

Are Wearables the Future of Clinical Research?

“Wearables” (i.e., Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.) are a technology that is relatively new to the clinical research enterprise. These devices hold untapped potential regarding their probable ability to revolutionize the manner in which we conduct clinical trials, which will eventually also transform how medical treatment is delivered around the world.What are Wearables? The household brand names that everyone knows are examples of medical wearables like Apple’s iWatch and the Fitbit have the largest market share, and therefore, the most “buzz” surrounding wearable technology. Other examples of wearable technology include Withings, ECG watches, sensors, and blood pressure cusps—all encourage healthy behavior

Clinical Trial Solutions That Can Help

Societies across the globe have embraced technology in almost every aspect of daily life. It leaves every industry wondering how to incorporate technology into our fields and asking whether or not it simplifies or complicates our work. For those in the clinical research realm, we want to know how embracing technology will be used to further improve patients’ experience. Delve Health provides clinical research teams the right tools at a competitive price point—leveraging technology platforms (ePRO/eCOA) to streamline studies. This leads to a more data-driven and efficient approach, allowing the focus to be on each, individual patient—especially given the growth of

Implementing eConsent in Clinical Trials

At Delve Health, we took extensive measures to develop a scalable eConsent solution that can be integrated with various solutions to streamline the data flow. Below are the core elements we implemented to ensure scalability and flexibility Flexible workflows: Flexibility to accommodate multiple prescreening, screening, and re-consent, all with a simple interface to help users easily manage the eConsent. Version Control: In order to allow for Protocol amendments, Clinical StudyPal allows for multiple versions. Global Access: Allowed for different consents to be developed for different countries. An eConsent can be developed at a site level, country level, global level. Multimedia

Are you considering a sensor, wearable, or digital biomarkers in clinical trials?

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    With our fully configurable ePRO/eCOA solution, we help assure your team gets the highest quality patient-reported outcomes for your study. The movement from paper-based to ePRO data capture has enhanced the integrity and accuracy of clinical trial data and is encouraged by regulators. We offer flexible, automated notifications and robust patient-reported outcome tools that give you more accurate and complete data. Here are some reasons why our clients utilize our platform, and solutions. Improved data integrity. Real-time insights. More accurate data collection, at the right time. Better patient compliance. Unified solution that provides patient engagement across our mix

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