Delve Health Provides the Technology Platform to Design Clinical Trials to Fit a Patient’s Lifestyle

—Not the Other Way Around
A significant number of companies announced delays and cancellations to planned and on-going clinical trials because of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures. There was a peak of 1,265 trials paused or indefinitely delayed in June 2020—impacting nearly 1,000 companies. Disruptions included delayed initiation or complete withdrawal of planned trials, as well as suspended enrollment or cancellation of on-going trials. The number of disrupted trials has been falling slowly since June 2020, with most current disruptions due to other factors, such as slow enrollment.

Conversations On the Ground—Traditional CROs vs. Virtual CROs

Delve Health’s upper management is currently attending the Drug Information Association’s (DIA) 2022 Global Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. While we are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we are very happy to be on the ground and in-person for this meeting, after a two-year absence. We hadn’t been on-site long and we’ve already had some very interesting and informative conversations with fellow attendees, one of which was regarding the “pros” of virtual research organizations (CROs), such as Delve Health, and the “cons” of traditional CROs. Traditional CROs vs. Virtual CROs The clinical research

Delve Health and Afortiori Development Announced Their Collaboration. What Does it Mean for Clinical Research?

Delve Health, a clinical research technology firm, and Afortiori Development, a clinical contract research organization (CRO), have announced an exciting partnership to expand patient access to support the successful delivery of clinical trials worldwide—increasing the industry-wide adoption and implementation of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Delve Health’s Clinical StudyPal app, provides a fully-customizable mobile and web-based platform that enables remote patient monitoring and interaction with the trial to provide a strong foundation for the successful, rapid delivery of decentralized clinical research for trial sponsors. “As seasoned and innovative technology providers, we understand that clinical trial success is heavily dependent on our

Clinical Trials Day

May 20, 2022—Today is Clinical Trials Day. A day to recognize and raise awareness as to why clinical trials are so important to all humankind. Every clinical trial is an opportunity to save more lives. Every day. Today is a day where we remember why we are here—why we started Delve Health in the first place. Today is a day where we remind ourselves of our mission and reaffirm to ourselves and our clients that we are doing everything in our power to live up to it, with total conviction and unwavering commitment. Today is the day I am reminded

Is Your Site Struggling to Recruit Patients for Upcoming Clinical Trials?

Almost 70% of eligible patients live more than two hours away from sites. This geographical challenge has led sponsors to seek out ways to leverage technology solutions to conduct studies virtually, and even design decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) or hybrid studies, in order to expand their site’s reach—all while improving patient enrollment and retention. Delve Health is a virtual research organization with the experience to help you plan and design decentralized (DCTs) and hybrid clinical trials. Our extensive network boasts access to one million medical professionals available for in-home visits and care, worldwide, when a specific study requires it. Our

Patients Need Good Communication—SMS Can Help

Trying a new communication channel can leave you feeling uncertain. However, when it comes to utilizing SMS/text messages to more effectively communicate with your study participants in order to remotely monitor your patients, you don’t have any reason to be scared. There are usually three (3) reasons we repeatedly hear regarding why clients are hesitant to engage with patients via text messages—and why you should reconsider them. Patients don’t want another text. Legal concerns Uncertainty of how to execute and capitalize on a new communication method. Delve Health has heard these concerns and can help you navigate them. This will

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