Delve Health Provides the Technology Platform to Design Clinical Trials to Fit a Patient’s Lifestyle

—Not the Other Way Around
A significant number of companies announced delays and cancellations to planned and on-going clinical trials because of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures. There was a peak of 1,265 trials paused or indefinitely delayed in June 2020—impacting nearly 1,000 companies. Disruptions included delayed initiation or complete withdrawal of planned trials, as well as suspended enrollment or cancellation of on-going trials. The number of disrupted trials has been falling slowly since June 2020, with most current disruptions due to other factors, such as slow enrollment.

Wearables Collect Data—Clinical StudyPal Makes Data Accessible

We’ve blogged about wearables before—what they are; what they can do to advance clinical research; how wearable technology can aid in decentralized clinical trial design; etc. Now that wearables (e.g., FitBit, Apple Watch) have been widely adopted by consumers and their built-in sensors regularly provide heath data by accelerometer, pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc. And, now that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate at which these technology platforms can be adapted and modified to meet the specific needs of clinical trials, there is one glaring question that arises—How do clinical research professionals access and leverage all that data? According

What to Expect for Remote Trials Among Older Adults

Clinical trials typically require a person to visit the research site regularly to undergo staff-led evaluations and discussions in order to understand the effects of the intervention. Between March 1 and April 26, 2020 alone, there were 905 suspended clinical trials due to the pandemic. The clinical trials that managed to continue have experienced problems, in terms of enrollment, for the studies that require in-person contact. In order to address these COVID-19 related obstacles, as well as look to the future of the industry, clinical trial investigators are looking for alternative ways to conduct trials remotely. It is important to give special

What Are Patient Concierge Services?

A patient concierge serves as a single point of contact that proactively helps patients navigate the complexity of clinical trials; while providing support for comprehension, participation logistics, and technologies. Delve Health’s patient concierge services were specifically designed to increase patient engagement and retention; and decrease sites’ administrative responsibilities by automating many everyday tasks. Using the concierge services feature within the Clinical StudyPal solution can lead to expedited trial timelines; enhanced site and sponsor relationships; and potentially lower trial costs. In the broadest sense,

The Calendar Reads January 2022, but it Still Feels Like March 2020: How Do We Move Forward?

Delve Health wishes everyone a Happy New Year, as it is customary to do. A new year, ushers in new hopes and a sense of renewed spirits. However, with each passing “COVID year” it is increasingly becoming more difficult to see a clear path forward. The year 2020 will live in infamy. COVID-19 changed the entire world. Life, as we knew it, stopped. What we thought would be “two-week closures” turned into three months of “lockdowns” and “restrictions” and “quarantines,” not to mention volatile stock markets, and is on the verge of a worldwide economic collapse. When things finally did

Privacy Concerns Surrounding Real-World Data

The Food and Drug Administration has officially taken the position that real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) are playing a larger role in health care decisions. Over the last 25 years, it has become commonplace for almost every household to own at least one personal computer. A majority of individuals, 80.63% of the world’s population to be exact, also currently own a smartphone (source). Add on to these statistics, that wearable devices and biosensors are also becoming widely accepted and used. The widespread adoption of the “latest technology” changes the social landscape as a whole, which has an interesting

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